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Ruby Ribbon Coachella Giveaway

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Win a pair of tickets to Coachella weekend one!

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 13

It’s hard to think ahead for festival season fashion when I’m en route to Montreal looking out of the tour bus window at piles of snow. Yes, I am a midwest girl but a true desert girl at heart. Shorts and boots will forever by my staple. Traveling so much has definitely honed my packing skills but even with the minimal packing for this tour that is taking me through Canada at the moment, I could have definitely left behind at least a half suitcase of wardrobe. Those cute new body con maxi dresses I splurged on, um not sure they pair too well with a ski jacket and snow boots. In just a few weeks, however, festival season inspires the best desert-bohemian fashion in retail across the globe with an overwhelming amount of options. Keep it simple. It’s hot as hell in Indio, California and unless you have an all access pass to trailers and catering it’s more or less a sweat fest from dawn til dusk. If I was a Coachella-ing this year what would I take? Honestly a few variations of this ensemble. A handful of bralettes for layering (in this case this adorable demiette from Ruby Ribbon) a few pairs of shorts, some layering kimono type wraps and shoes you can live in. Are you just living vicariously through bloggers’ fashion tips and wishing you had your own pair of Coachella passes? Well there’s just a few more days to enter Ruby Ribbon’s Coachella giveaway for weekend one! Tell us how much you love your festival fashion on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and include the hashtags #rubyribbon, #demiette, and #festivalseason to be entered to win 2 weekend-one Summer Music Festival passes at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California! Include a picture of yourself in your Demiette styled for festival season and get an extra entry! 

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 10

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 5

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 4

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 3

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 18

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 6

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 9

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 2

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 15

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 11

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 7

ruby-ribbon-coachella-giveaway-festival-fashion-2017-joshua-tree-fashion-blogger-demiette-snakeskin-fashion-blogger-cowyboy-boots-desert 1


Demiette Bra & Kimono Ruby Ribbon / Choker Flea Market Girl / Cowboy Boots Space Cowboy

Photography by Ashley Marie Myers

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