Saturday, March 12, 2016

Good Day Sunshine

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ruby-ribbon-kimono-shawl-floral-print-shape-wear-bohemian-western-bedstu 17

I love her and she’s loving me.

ruby-ribbon-kimono-shawl-floral-print-shape-wear-bohemian-western-bedstu 6

So many of my favorite things happen in the spring…bunnies, hyacinth, Easter jelly beans, beginning of boots and shorts season, and my birthday. With the blog, spring and summer fashion planning started back in November for me, but I remember the excitement at age 12 shopping for spring break clothes and getting the first glimpse of summer trends. A long time friend of mine from those middle school days of wanting to live at Contempo Casuals, The Limited Too, and basically trying to emulate everything Cher from ‘Clueless’ is still on the fashion train with me. My friend Heather is a fashion representative for line Ruby Ribbon. Their gorgeous and easy to wear spring line is available on her site and includes all clothing pictured in this post. This kimono is your new spring staple, and I must say I wear the lace camis as layering pieces under just about anything that needs layers. In honor of spring and daylight savings, Heather and I are teaming up for a promotion with every Ruby Ribbon Floral Kimono purchase now through 3/26 receive a Bohemian Bunnie necklace!

ruby-ribbon-kimono-shawl-floral-print-shape-wear-bohemian-western-bedstu 2

ruby-ribbon-kimono-shawl-floral-print-shape-wear-bohemian-western-bedstu 11

ruby-ribbon-kimono-shawl-floral-print-shape-wear-bohemian-western-bedstu 10

ruby-ribbon-kimono-shawl-floral-print-shape-wear-bohemian-western-bedstu 8

ruby-ribbon-kimono-shawl-floral-print-shape-wear-bohemian-western-bedstu 4

ruby-ribbon-kimono-shawl-floral-print-shape-wear-bohemian-western-bedstu 5

ruby-ribbon-kimono-shawl-floral-print-shape-wear-bohemian-western-bedstu 9

“We take a walk, the sun is shining down
Burns my feet as they touch the ground.”

With every Ruby Ribbon Floral Kimono purchase through 3/26 receive a Bohemian Bunnie necklace!

Kimono, Lace Cami & Leggings Ruby Ribbon / Isla Booties Bedstu / Necklace Gypsy Junkies


Photos by Victor Zuidema

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