Thursday, March 3, 2016

Modern Magpie

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modern-magpie-vintage-ted-lapidus-velvet-brocade-sunnies-platforms-and-socks 14

Eclectic Mixing with Shopbop.

modern-magpie-vintage-ted-lapidus-velvet-brocade-sunnies-platforms-and-socks 9

I’ve always been a sucker for the ultimate vintage find. When one of the most complimented pieces in your closet comes from the $10 table of your favorite vintage vendor at the flea market, it’s better than the first day of markdowns on the Nordstrom shoe rack. All these items kinda came together in a fun, quirky way. Some of these bangles my mom used to rock in the 70’s, the denim jacket was the best hand-me-down I’ve every received, and the dress was in fact one of those $10 purchases. All mixed together with some modern jewels, platforms and designer moonies. Inspired by the Modern Magpie collection of Shopbop, this outfit was a fun experiment of how far I could play around this look. And just in time for spring Shopbopping…

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modern-magpie-vintage-ted-lapidus-velvet-brocade-sunnies-platforms-and-socks 12

This coin clutch…one of my favorite little accessories from Pachamama Bohemian.

modern-magpie-vintage-ted-lapidus-velvet-brocade-sunnies-platforms-and-socks 16

modern-magpie-vintage-ted-lapidus-velvet-brocade-sunnies-platforms-and-socks 1

modern-magpie-vintage-ted-lapidus-velvet-brocade-sunnies-platforms-and-socks 15

modern-magpie-vintage-ted-lapidus-velvet-brocade-sunnies-platforms-and-socks 4

modern-magpie-vintage-ted-lapidus-velvet-brocade-sunnies-platforms-and-socks 5

modern-magpie-vintage-ted-lapidus-velvet-brocade-sunnies-platforms-and-socks 2

Get a little feminine, get a little quirky and have fun with your magpie trends!

Dress, Jacket, Moonies, Bracelets are all vintage / Coin Clutch Pachamama Bohemian / Rings Eclectic Bling Jewelry & Shannon Noelke Metal Arts


Photos by Jasmin Ayala

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