Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gilded Palace of Sin

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worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 19

Hot Burrito No. 1

worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 18

No vintage rock tee pairs better with a western fringe button up than a Flying Burrito Bros shirt. Growing up in Ohio, for some reason I was never introduced to this band. It wasn’t until I started playing pedal steel guitar three years ago that I dove hard into listening and learning this music. I’ve been hooked on this band and the western rock movement from the late 60’s and early 70’s for a while now. If you need road trip inspiration, these jams are great for desert travels! And while you’re at it, add a handful of Worn Free vintage rock tees to your suitcase!

worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 3

How is there ever any vacancy here?!? Five star amenities!

worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 15

worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 20

worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 17

worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 8

This vintage western shirt is another gem that I picked up from LA Hip Threads. My all time favorite vintage booth at the Melrose Trading Post.

worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 4

worn-free-gram-parsons-fallen-angels-vintage-rock-tee-billi-blues-western-cowboy-boots-vintage 11

Check out more even more Gram Parson awesomeness from Worn Free!

worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 7

worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 11

worn-free-flying-burrito-bros-vintage-tee-rock-country-western-la-hip-threads-motel-hollywood-bed-stu-vintage-fringe 1

Flying Burrito Bros Tshirt Worn Free / Western Fringe Jacket LA Hip Threads / High Waisted Bloomers Novella Royale / Western Belt Real Leather Stuff / Distressed Boots Bed Stu


Photos by Jasmin Ayala

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