Saturday, April 9, 2016

White Line Fever

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Guess I’ll die with this fever in my soul.

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It has been a beautiful birthday week. A family visit to San Francisco, performing a show at Terrapin Crossroads, rehearsals and a performance for the MTV Video Awards, and most importantly showers of love and best wishes for the upcoming year. This past year has been a whirlwind of events and emotions, and this week in particular has kinda of felt like a reset. New goals, new adventures, new love, new trips, new locations, new projects…I’ve been open to it all and allowing it into my life. With all of the joy of my birthday week, this year was also bittersweet. I’ve always been proud to share a birthday with the late Merle Haggard. We lost such an inspirational songwriter and musician on our shared birthday this past Wednesday, April 6th. As I’ve been digging more and more into the great songwriters of country music, my personal style has been influenced as well. With a little western flair from The Little Bazaar, I felt it was fitting to take a second and honor Mr. Haggard in this post.

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This everyday leather western purse by Most Wanted USA has been my go-to cross body for the past month.

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Layering conchos and chokers with another Most Wanted USA Design.

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“I wonder just what makes a man keep pushing on
What makes me keep on hummin’ this old highway song.”

Happy Birthday and RIP Mr. Merle Haggard.


White Bell Sleeve Tunic The Little Bazaar / White Crochet Skirt The Little Bazaar / Concho Necklace Most Wanted USA / Western Leather Purse Most Wanted USA / Lace -Up Boots Bed Stu / Beaded Bracelets Boho Global / Tassel Necklace Johnny Loves June

Photos by Victor Zuidema

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