Saturday, May 21, 2016

29 Palms

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tejido-white-jumpsuit-cullottes-jeffrey-campbell-platform-sandals-29-palms-inn-joshua-tree-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie 5

Desert livin.

tejido-white-jumpsuit-cullottes-jeffrey-campbell-platform-sandals-29-palms-inn-joshua-tree-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie 9

Maybe it’s because I’m from Ohio and expect to see flat roads lined with corn fields whenever I take a road trip that I am so enamored with any type of desert life. This was my first trip to Joshua Tree and 29 Palms and looking out the car window, I must have commented on at least 50 rad locations that I could stop for a photo shoot. Faded pastel colors, vintage desert art, small abandoned homes sitting in the middle of nowhere, I can’t get enough. We opted for this amazingly cute air bnb in 29 Palms which is why I ended up venturing to the 29 Palms Inn. Great vegan options in the middle of the desert btw! Just the week before I left I serendipitously met the owner and designer of Tejido Shop mailing this exact jumpsuit at the post office. Of course it caught my eye and I wanted to be wearing it that second! I was able to take this rad jumpsuit with me to the desert and I honestly can’t wait to own this piece in a handful of colors.

tejido-white-jumpsuit-cullottes-jeffrey-campbell-platform-sandals-29-palms-inn-joshua-tree-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie 1

tejido-white-jumpsuit-cullottes-jeffrey-campbell-platform-sandals-29-palms-inn-joshua-tree-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie 4

Matching ombres!

tejido-white-jumpsuit-cullottes-jeffrey-campbell-platform-sandals-29-palms-inn-joshua-tree-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie 8

tejido-white-jumpsuit-cullottes-jeffrey-campbell-platform-sandals-29-palms-inn-joshua-tree-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie 10

tejido-white-jumpsuit-cullottes-jeffrey-campbell-platform-sandals-29-palms-inn-joshua-tree-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie 3


Can’t get any more comfortable than this in a loose, breathable cotton onesie.

tejido-white-jumpsuit-cullottes-jeffrey-campbell-platform-sandals-29-palms-inn-joshua-tree-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie 7

tejido-white-jumpsuit-cullottes-jeffrey-campbell-platform-sandals-29-palms-inn-joshua-tree-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-boho-bunnie 2


White Jumpsuit Tejido / Platforms Sandals Jeffrey Campbell / Vintage Jewels

Photos by Ashley Marie Myers

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