Friday, June 3, 2016

My Baby Blue

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The special love I had for you, my baby blue.

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That special love I have this season is definitely for anything maxi. I couldn’t be happier just literally throwing on a gorgeous Hale Bob halter dress and walking out the door with a complete look. The prints this season that Hale Bob is producing are absolutely stunning and really only require a few simple and classy pieces to accessorize. I have to admit, I’ve driven by the Hale Bob billboard in West Hollywood for YEARS lusting over every new editorial they showcase and it’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to own a piece from their line. 

hale-bob-maxi-dress-amy-friend-jewelry-bohemian-fashion-blogger-tie-dye-halter-boho 3

This beautiful set of handcrafted jewelry is made by one of my jewelry artists. Amy Friend makes such gorgeous pieces that can be paired with basically anything. I love the mix of simplicity and how it makes a statement all in one.

hale-bob-maxi-dress-amy-friend-jewelry-bohemian-fashion-blogger-tie-dye-halter-boho 5

hale-bob-maxi-dress-amy-friend-jewelry-bohemian-fashion-blogger-tie-dye-halter-boho 13

hale-bob-maxi-dress-amy-friend-jewelry-bohemian-fashion-blogger-tie-dye-halter-boho 23

hale-bob-maxi-dress-amy-friend-jewelry-bohemian-fashion-blogger-tie-dye-halter-boho 7

hale-bob-maxi-dress-amy-friend-jewelry-bohemian-fashion-blogger-tie-dye-halter-boho 20

hale-bob-maxi-dress-amy-friend-jewelry-bohemian-fashion-blogger-tie-dye-halter-boho 17

hale-bob-maxi-dress-amy-friend-jewelry-bohemian-fashion-blogger-tie-dye-halter-boho 15

hale-bob-maxi-dress-amy-friend-jewelry-bohemian-fashion-blogger-tie-dye-halter-boho 12

“Take good care, baby, let me know, let it grow
The special love you have for me, my Dixie, dear.”

Maxi Halter Dress Hale Bob / Two Circle Necklace & Silver Hoop Earrings Amy Friend Jewelry / Platform Sandals Bed Stu


Photography by Jasmin Ayala

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