Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lady of the Lake

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femmebot-clothing-big-bear-ukulele-boho-bunnie-embroidery-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-cowboy-boots-tweed-uke-case-stevie-nicks-dress 1

There’s a magical sound slidin’ over the ground

femmebot-clothing-big-bear-ukulele-boho-bunnie-embroidery-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-cowboy-boots-tweed-uke-case-stevie-nicks-dress 12

It’s only fitting that I’m as I’m writing this post with serene images of Crestline Lake that I’m headed to Ohio for a few weeks, and northern Ohio in particular where I spent part of my summers on Lake Erie. Visiting this almost Midwest-like California town for the first time was magical. It completely took me back to my dad’s cottage on the river in Ohio and my aunt’s lake house in Michigan. Such an escape from LA traffic, drought dried grass and hazy skies. I could have stayed a whole week in this humble little town with places to sit and daydream for days. Packing the these rad mountain threads from Femmebot Clothing for this trip couldn’t have been a better decision. Easy, breezy western bohemian pieces that travel so well.

femmebot-clothing-big-bear-ukulele-boho-bunnie-embroidery-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-cowboy-boots-tweed-uke-case-stevie-nicks-dress 16

femmebot-clothing-big-bear-ukulele-boho-bunnie-embroidery-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-cowboy-boots-tweed-uke-case-stevie-nicks-dress 4

femmebot-clothing-crochet-poncho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-hair-color-kaftan-big-bear 28

femmebot-clothing-crochet-poncho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-hair-color-kaftan-big-bear 5

Waking up to a view like this everyday?! One happy bunnie.

femmebot-clothing-crochet-poncho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-hair-color-kaftan-big-bear 12

Oversize tunics are the best, most versatile piece for

femmebot-clothing-big-bear-ukulele-boho-bunnie-embroidery-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-cowboy-boots-tweed-uke-case-stevie-nicks-dress 11

femmebot-clothing-crochet-poncho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-hair-color-kaftan-big-bear 21

femmebot-clothing-big-bear-ukulele-boho-bunnie-embroidery-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-cowboy-boots-tweed-uke-case-stevie-nicks-dress 14

Embroidery…if I could I would add stitching to everything! This dress does it right with these bold lavenders and peach tones against the midnight black.

femmebot-clothing-crochet-poncho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-hair-color-kaftan-big-bear 13

femmebot-clothing-big-bear-ukulele-boho-bunnie-embroidery-overtone-hair-color-bohemian-fashion-blogger-cowboy-boots-tweed-uke-case-stevie-nicks-dress 5

femmebot-clothing-crochet-poncho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-hair-color-kaftan-big-bear 6

“I know she waits below
Only to rise on command
When she comes for me
She’s got my life in her hands
Lady of the lake.”

Embroidered Black Bohemian Dress Femmebot Clothing / Beige Crochet Tunic Femmebot Clothing / Aztec Flares Femmebot Clothing


Photos by Ashley Marie Myers


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