Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Just Released: A New (Free) Way to Join the StudioPress Community


Want to know the best part of my job?

I have the privilege of gathering a community around our StudioPress products. I have the honor of helping people build businesses based on the products we create.

I didn’t set out for the place where I’ve landed. And yet today, I wouldn’t change a thing.

To be honest, I’m still kind of starry-eyed about the whole thing.

After all, it’s the unexpected events that give our lives meaning. And it’s the movements that grow organically that seem to be the most interesting.

The StudioPress community has been one of the most fascinating organically-grown movements I’ve ever been a part of.

And the newest podcast on the Rainmaker FM network, StudioPress FM, is going to celebrate this idea with every episode.

Read on to learn more about it.

We’re building community and bringing people together

One of the happiest surprises of my professional career has been the StudioPress community — the StudioPress family — that has developed around our products.

It’s a community we value as a company, and it’s a family I feel a lot of personal affection for.

With the new StudioPress FM podcast, we’re expanding into new territory — audio podcasts. But we’re doing it in the spirit of helping other people’s platforms grow.

Our long-term plan is to invite in people from our StudioPress community to hear their stories. We’ll discuss what the industry as a whole is doing.

The StudioPress FM podcast will be a way for us to grow together as a community and a family.

We’re giving a voice to the Genesis community

StudioPress FM will be primarily hosted by two people — me and Lauren Mancke. We both bring different ideas and personalities to the table.

Lauren brings a lot of experience building a business on and around the Genesis Framework, and I know she’s looking forward to helping others who are trying to do that for a living.

I’m looking forward to reaching out to active members of our community so we can all benefit from their experiences. We’ll learn firsthand where the industry is going from people who are living it every day.

We’re expanding our family to include you

Join us as we tackle subjects that will help the StudioPress community grow professionally and personally.

Here are some of the topics you can look forward to:

  • How to sustain a profitable creative agency
  • Why an open-source-based community is so powerful
  • Ways to build an educational Genesis business
  • The food blogging business: is it lucrative?
  • How freelancers can scale their businesses
  • A beginner’s guide to SEO that works today

We plan to develop multi-part series about design, development, and more so we can dive deep into the matters that affect us all every day.

Join us on StudioPress FM

Those who know me personally know my sense of deep affection for the StudioPress community. I hope you’ll join Lauren and me as we support you on your professional journey.

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