Friday, September 16, 2016

[Join Today] The Price of Authority Is about to Go Up


A quick message today.

I’ve got two compelling reasons why today is the perfect day to join our Authority advanced content marketing training program (before the price goes up tonight).

Reason #1: Brand-new courses are coming this fall

Copyblogger Authority PlanDid you get a minute to take a look at the Copyblogger Authority Plan yet?

You can click the image to the right to download and read it — no opt-in required.

The Copyblogger Authority Plan spells out the new courses we’re creating for members. And they’re going to be super useful and helpful.

These will be self-study, learn-as-you-have-time courses.

  • You control what you want to focus on mastering
  • You decide how quickly you want to move through the courses
  • You choose how you move from one topic to another

The courses will be available this fall, and will be free to current Authority members, so now’s the time to sign up.

They are in addition to the regular benefits of Authority — the library with more than 300 hours of archived information (more on that below), the networking and problem-solving in the member forum, the weekly live sessions, and more.

Reason #2: The price of Authority is about to go up significantly

That price raise I mentioned above? Here’s an explanation:

We’ve been hemming and hawing on raising the price of Authority for years now.

But when we realized that we now have more than 300 hours of video and audio content — not to mention transcripts, worksheets, handouts, and ebooks — we knew we needed to adjust the price to reflect the high-quality materials we deliver in this program.

At 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time tonight, the price of Authority will become $595. That’s more than fair for the quality of the training you’ll receive.

Right now, you can get Authority for our old price of $399. That’s somewhat ridiculous. But we’re standing by it. :)

If you’re ready to learn the “Copyblogger way” to market your business, we’d be honored to support you. But please don’t hesitate: joining today will save you almost $200, and you’ll lock in that low price for the lifetime of your membership.

Save almost $200! Get Authority (and lock in your low price) today.

Join Authority

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