Friday, September 2, 2016

Mojave Maven

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shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 17

Lusting over desert wanderings.

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 4

I feel like this was my farewell shoot in the US before I embarked on a three month European adventure. It’s been a whirlwind prepping for this European tour with Italian artist Zucchero and now that I’m here an even more taxing (yet amazingly rewarding) amount of effort to learn and internalize close to 60 songs. So much to the point that I’ve been MIA from social media and writing consistent blog posts. Things are finally getting in a groove and I’ve been settling in, something I thought I’d never say during my first two weeks here playing my instrument nearly 14 hours every day. As we’re heading into production rehearsals I’m getting super excited about the shows, something I couldn’t even conceive with the amount of material to sort through (and having it all be in Italian)! As you can imagine a fashion blogger packing for three months is no easy task. This dress from Shopbop in particular made the cut and has been taking the journey with me across Italy and soon all over Europe.

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 9

Out of all of my clothing I packed for Europe this dress has definitely been getting the most love! So easy to wear on these humid summer Italian days. It travels so well and probably weighs just as much as my tooth brush.

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 6

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 13

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 3

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 15

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 8

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 11

shop-bop-free-people-fpme-bandana-print-patchwork-beaux-slip-dress-boho-bohemian-fashion-blogger-overtone-bunnie-desert-photo-shoot-las-vegas 7

I’ll miss these desert evenings through November, until then Ciao Italia!

Beaux Slip Dress Free People via Shopbop / Boots Free People / Jewels Boho Global


Photos by Ashley Marie Myers

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