Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Join Digital Commerce Academy Before the Doors Close (and Price Goes Up)

Join Digital Commerce Academy Before the Doors Close (and Price Goes Up)

I have a few quick questions for you …

  • Do you realize that worldwide sales of ebooks exceeded $9 billion in 2015?
  • Did you know that online education is now a $21.3 billion per year market in the U.S. alone?
  • And would you like to tap into a small, little portion of those massive pies to claim your own piece? :-)

If so, joining Digital Commerce Academy may be a smart choice for you to make.

(Just don’t wait. More on that in a minute.)

DCA was created to be the premier online resource for learning how to create and sell digital products and services — everything from ebooks and online courses to membership sites, WordPress themes and plugins, even SaaS applications.

We’re the ones who launched it because we’ve actually done this stuff. We’re a company that has steadily “practiced what we teach” with digital commerce to become an 8-figures-per-year business.

And we want to help you get your piece of the huge digital commerce pie.

So we invite you to join us inside of Digital Commerce Academy before we close the doors to new members on October 28, 2016.

We won’t be reopening until sometime in 2017, at which point the price will be nearly double what it is now.

Here’s why …

You already get all of the following with a Digital Commerce Academy membership

4 Complete Online Courses

  • Build Your Online Education Business the Smarter Way by Brian Clark
  • Themes, Plugins, and More: Creating WordPress Products the Smarter Way by Chris Lema
  • How to Create Automated Marketing Funnels That Work by Chris Garrett and Tony Clark
  • Savvy Social Advertising by Jerod Morris

On-demand access to 10 Case Study webinar replays

  • Nathan Barry of ConvertKit on Developing a SaaS Product
  • Belinda Weaver of Copywrite Matters on Launching a Paid Master Class
  • Brian Gardner of StudioPress on Building a Business Around Themes
  • How Danny Margulies Turned His Freelancing Success Into a Powerhouse Paid Course
  • Chris Lema on Avoiding the Most Common Pitfalls Digital Entrepreneurs Make When Entering the WordPress Premium Marketplace
  • How Sonia Thompson Used a Virtual Summit to Take Her Digital Business to the Next Level
  • How Andrea Vahl Built Her Ideal Lifestyle Business Around Paid Online Training
  • How Joanna Penn Created Her Ideal Life by Doing What She Loves (and Teaching it to Others)
  • How a Curated Email Newsletter Can Help You Build Your Unfair Digital Commerce Advantage (with Brian Clark)
  • The Smart Digital Entrepreneur’s Guide to Using Content to Sell More Digital Products and Services (with Pamela Wilson)

On-demand access to 7 Cutting Edge webinar replays

  • Why Marketing Automation Matters
  • Grizzled Webinar Veterans Reveal Their Biggest Tips (and Warnings) About Hosting Successful Webinars
  • Is Using Pop-ups to Build Your Email List Worth the Risk? (with Sonia Simone)
  • Can You Actually Make Money Using Periscope? (with Chris Ducker)
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat for Digital Marketers
  • How Virtual Reality Could Impact Digital Commerce in the (Near) Future
  • The Importance of Social Media Management

Plus new Coaching Q&As every other month where you can get your general or ultra-specific questions answered by respected members of our team like Brian Clark, Chris Garrett, and Rafal Tomal.

And the Digital Commerce Academy Community, where you can share insight and network with digital entrepreneurs just like you.

So you get all of that, right now on Day One, when you start your Digital Commerce Academy membership.

The price is going up when we reopen DCA in 2017 because it will then include all of this as well

  • New Course: Crafting Seductive Content for Digital Products and Services

  • New Course: Selling Productized Consulting in a Digital Environment

  • Every Case Study and Cutting Edge webinar that we host between now and then (plus all those to come)

  • Presentation videos from Digital Commerce Summit 2016

  • Presentation videos from Brian Clark and Sonia Simone delivering the Online Courses Workshop

Plus everything else we add to Digital Commerce Academy in the future.

And, of course, if you start your Academy membership today, you’ll get everything that is added when DCA reopens, and anything added thereafter, but your price will never change.

Hence why I said you’ll want to act now and not wait. :-)

You have until Friday, October 28, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time to start your Academy membership before the doors close.

This promotion will be your last chance to get in before the price goes up to $995 per year.

We hope you’ll join us inside today for only $595 per year billed annually (or $55 billed monthly).

Click here to learn more about Digital Commerce Academy and get started today.

As the stats at the beginning of this post attest, there’s a big, profitable pie for you to get your piece of … and we want to help you get it.

So don’t miss out and then have to pay more come 2017. Or, worse yet, don’t wait and ultimately never take that next important step toward your goal of generating revenue online through a digital product or service built on your expertise.

Joining Digital Commerce Academy is an important step in that direction.

Here’s the link for detailed information about what’s included in a Digital Commerce Academy membership:

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