Monday, October 10, 2016

The Importance of Entrepreneurial Mental Health


Today we’re joined by Cory Miller. Cory is a former newspaper journalist turned full-time entrepreneur. In 2008, he started iThemes, which builds web design software and offers cutting-edge web design training for thousands of customers around the globe.

Cory is a passionate entrepreneur who believes in finding and maintaining work happiness (for himself and others) that aligns with your purpose and plays to your strengths, talents, and ambitions, while challenging you to do great things with your life.

In this 43-minute episode Brian Gardner, Lauren Mancke, and Cory Miller discuss:

  • The founding of iThemes in 2008
  • Comradery and Co-opetition in the WordPress community
  • What lies beneath the surface of entrepreneurship
  • The importance of talking openly about mental health
  • How mental health can affect your business
  • How to find lasting career happiness
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