Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kozmic Blues

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I keep pushing so hard a dream,
I keep trying to make it right.

It’s officially day one in Italy. The beginning of a four month tour in Europe (and a short stint in Tunisia). In the middle of trying to beat jet lag, I’ve become deeply immersed in the Grateful Dead documentary “Long Strange Trip” so everything is seemingly pretty ‘kozmic’ right now. Also fitting for this blog post title, LA based fashion designer GM Studio LA designed this dress with inspiration from Janis Joplin. And to bring it full circle, Cinzia Simone (the designer), is Italian herself. I can’t believe this is just the beginning of the summer tour with Zucchero. Today we film a music awards show here in Verona (starting to feel like a second home), and the festival tour officially begins on June 16th in Germany. This dress is one of those pieces I could show up with in heels or roll out of the tour bus with cowboy boots. I’m so in love with the cut and kozmic flow of it all.

“There’s a fire inside of everyone of us, huh-uh,
I’m gonna need it now,
I’m gonna hold it yeah,
I’m gonna use it till the day I die.”

Janis Joplin Ruffle Dress GM Studio LA / Firebird Cuff Boho Global / Thigh High Socks Free People

Photography by Ashley Marie Myers

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