Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hippy Heart

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hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 11

“No falseness, no fear, only truth.”

hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 13

I love fashion born out of unique personal experience, where the creator’s life informs the pieces they create. You can always feel the difference. For Vanessa Sitara her inspiration came traveling through India. She visited the country’s small villages, rich culture and foods. The result of this life-altering experience is her clothing line Hippy Heart. There’s a grounded but otherworldly quality to the pieces that are so unique! These vegan-leather flares have energy in every step that makes you NEED to give your most badass stride. The top is cropped wool with a flowing back and a chiffon duster. This piece, like the flares, has killer movement. The oversized cut of the top is very flattering and cropped in just the right spot. I like any clothes that make you feel like you’ve been hitting the gym just by putting them on! Bless Vanessa’s lil’ Hippy Heart for needing to wander and bringing us such unique, cool threads!

hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 2

hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 4

hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 9

hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 8

hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 5

hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 15

hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 1

hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 12

hippy-heart-leather-bell-bottoms-flares-bohemian-couture-fashion-tracey-filapose-stevie-nicks 14


Black Chiffon and Vegan Leather Flares Hippy Heart / Chiffon Duster Shirt Hippy Heart / Wooden Cross Mala Tracey Filapose / Fringe Arrow Necklace Gypsy Junkies / Platform Sandals Bed Stu

Photos by Victor Zuidema

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