Monday, April 4, 2016

Six Days on the Road

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And I’m gonna make it home tonight.

worn-free-gram-parsons-fallen-angels-vintage-rock-tee-billi-blues-western-cowboy-boots-vintage 11

I’ve been a huge Gram Parsons and Flying Burrito Bros fan for the past three years. The whole Joshua Tree California country-rock movement of the 70’s has been my jam for a while now. Countless sleepless nights I’ve been up practicing pedal steel guitar learning Sneaky Pete solos from FBB albums. Gram Parsons being one of my style icons, the whole Nudie Suit style of western wear has been my favorite thing to incorporate into my wardrobe recently. The day I own a custom Nudie Suit might just be the day my wardrobe is fully complete. Obviously rocking a Nudie Suit in the middle of Hollywood on a weekday afternoon isn’t quite the right fit but a vintage inspired Worn Free Gram Parsons tee has been my go-to everyday look.

worn-free-gram-parsons-fallen-angels-vintage-rock-tee-billi-blues-western-cowboy-boots-vintage 9

worn-free-gram-parsons-fallen-angels-vintage-rock-tee-billi-blues-western-cowboy-boots-vintage 7

worn-free-gram-parsons-fallen-angels-vintage-rock-tee-billi-blues-western-cowboy-boots-vintage 4

Billi Blues and their custom boots are my absolute fave to pair with flares.

worn-free-gram-parsons-fallen-angels-vintage-rock-tee-billi-blues-western-cowboy-boots-vintage 10

worn-free-gram-parsons-fallen-angels-vintage-rock-tee-billi-blues-western-cowboy-boots-vintage 8

worn-free-gram-parsons-fallen-angels-vintage-rock-tee-billi-blues-western-cowboy-boots-vintage 1


Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angeles vintage t shirt Worn Free / Western Belt Real Leather Stuff / Black Feather Hat Dover Street Market Ginza / Flares Free People / Cowboy Boots Billi Blues

Photos by Jasmin Ayala

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