Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cracking the Abundance Code: Sonia’s in a New Documentary!

live an abundant life

Some people believe in a magical “secret” that will grant them anything so long as they wish hard enough.

I do not believe in this.

But I do know that good luck is partly a matter of perception — and it can be optimized.

My friend Julie Cairns has filmed a new documentary about business, mindset, self-reliance, and — yes — abundance, and it’s called The Abundance Code. And I’m in the film!

Many months ago, Julie and I sat down together (virtually … she lives thousands of miles from me, in Australia) and talked for about six hours about living a meaningful life and developing businesses on our own terms.

That footage was winnowed down and combined with conversations from 16 other folks into a 90-minute film on the theme of creating more abundance in your life.

You can check out the film (it’s premiering on the web for free) at TheAbundanceCode.com.

You can also snag some of my thoughts on luck, business, and living with purpose over on my podcast episode about the film. You can find that here:

Up All Night to Get Lucky: Sonia’s in a Documentary!

I don’t believe that abundance and good fortune belong only to those who are already fortunate. And in fact, the ideas that Julie and I talked about are particularly applicable for people who are too often left out or marginalized in “traditional” workplaces.

I hope you’ll check out the film — and use some of the ideas you find there to create something fantastic for your life.

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