Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mai Tais and Mermaids

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Maui Sunsets

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It’s been about a month since my trip to Maui and I’m finally getting a chance to share the second round of photos by local photographer Danielle Nowicki. Forgetting that not every place is sunny without at a chance of rain like 99% of the time in LA, I completely lucked out with the Hawaiian weather for this shoot. It couldn’t have been a more stereotypical Maui sunset on Po’Olenalena Beach. A low tide with knee high waves and a diffused light that just subtly glistened across the water. Just enough light to catch the sparkle of the golden threads in this Pachamama Bohemian crochet one piece.

pachamama-bohemian-crochet-one-piece-swim-suit-maui-beach-pineapple-fashion-blogger- 13

pachamama-bohemian-crochet-one-piece-swim-suit-maui-beach-pineapple-fashion-blogger- 9

pachamama-bohemian-crochet-one-piece-swim-suit-maui-beach-pineapple-fashion-blogger- 1

pachamama-bohemian-crochet-one-piece-swim-suit-maui-beach-pineapple-fashion-blogger- 12

I found this beautiful little shell headband at a local market! Nothing says Hawaii like shell adorned anything.

pachamama-bohemian-crochet-one-piece-swim-suit-maui-beach-pineapple-fashion-blogger- 16


Crochet Monokini Pachamama Bohemian / Beaded Cuffs Boho Global


Photography by Danielle Nowicki

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