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How to Supercharge Your Online Authority an Hour at a Time

Authority plan

Here at Copyblogger, we don’t espouse the “get rich quick” message that’s so prevalent in online business circles.

If anything, our message has always been:

“Let us show you how to work hard on the right things so you can see results over time.”

Not too sexy, right?

That’s OK. We’re not aiming for a catchy tagline — we’re aiming to get you real results.

We’ve found that when you build your online presence slowly and carefully, you create a long-lasting asset — an audience of people who want to hear from you, who need your help, and who trust you implicitly.

Cultivating lasting attention and trust around a product or service might be less glamorous and more hard work than the “trick-them-onto-an-email-list-and-clobber-them-with-offers” approach.

But that investment in your audience pays off in a long-term business that increases in value over time.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that our flagship program that teaches you how to build your online authority the “Copyblogger way” is open again.

And to celebrate, we’ve rolled back the membership price until next week. Click to join us inside Authority.

Online authority helps you build an audience around your product or service

We teach a flexible framework you can use to build a business based on your online authority.

Framework is an intentional word choice.

Our plan involves a set of actions that work for all kinds of online businesses. And once you know how they work together, you can apply them to your own business today, a new business you might start next year — or you can consult for others and apply the plan to their businesses.

Want to see the whole plan?

Copyblogger Authority PlanWe spelled out how our authority plan works in a document called — guess what? Copyblogger Authority Plan.

Click to download our Copyblogger Authority Plan document right now — no opt-in needed.

The document shares more details about how we can help you build your online authority. You’ll see every step in the process and discover how we help you along the way.

A home for content marketers and audience builders

Authority is a home for people who create content that’s helpful, entertaining, and engaging in order to attract an audience to their products and services.

They learn to build effective content that takes their prospects on a journey — a journey that ends in a transaction.

Authority members are not afraid to learn the persuasive techniques that will help their prospects make a buying decision.

If that sounds like the way you want to build your online presence, join Authority this week and grab our low price.

Here’s something important to know about the Authority program — it’s not a massive, impersonal membership site. It’s a place to get attention and answers directly from those of us on the Copyblogger editorial team and from all our colleagues at Rainmaker Digital.

The community and support you’ll get inside Authority mean you won’t be building your audience alone — we’ll be with you every step of the way.

What you’ll find inside Authority

The Authority library contains more than 300 hours of education.

Have a question about an online business topic? Chances are, we’ve already covered it at least once and we brought in top-notch experts to share their best information.

And coming this fall, we’ll be revealing a series of small courses designed to help members educate themselves in content marketing and online business using the resources inside the program.

As with the rest of the Authority program, these will be self-paced courses. They’re designed to help you master specific topics that are crucial to building an authority-based online business.

Courses coming in Fall 2016

  • Setting the Stage for Online Authority
  • The Authority Online Marketing Best Practices
  • Authority Audience Builder
  • Authority Advanced Content Marketing Strategies
  • Authority Profit Builder
  • Authority Marketing Core

We may sell these courses separately in the future, but they’ll be 100 percent free to current members — another great reason to join us today.

Another reason to love Fridays: Authority live events

Authority offers weekly educational sessions led by the Copyblogger editorial team, Rainmaker Digital staff, and special guests. Every Friday, you’ll have the opportunity to master another element of online authority.

The education lasts about an hour — and we answer questions at the end of each session.

By devoting an hour each week to your Authority content, you’ll gain the skills, support, and encouragement you need to build your online authority step by step.

All live sessions are recorded and we post the replays within a few days of the event so you can watch at your convenience.

Here’s a week-by-week look at our Authority live events schedule:

1st Friday of the Month: Authority Master Class sessions

The month starts off with an in-depth educational session that focuses on making you a more effective content marketer. Each Master Class session features a downloadable bonus — a worksheet, checklist, or planner — so you can apply what you’ve learned to your own business. And each master class session features an accountability forum thread where you can ask questions and report on your progress.

2nd Friday of the Month: Authority Business Coaching (ABC) sessions

Once a month, you may apply to participate in a members-only webinar that solves a challenge you currently face in your business: think of it as a public coaching call designed to benefit everyone. Members get targeted coaching from the Copyblogger editorial team or Rainmaker Digital staff, and everyone benefits from discovering new approaches to real-world challenges.

3rd Friday of the Month: Q&A sessions

These calls offer you the opportunity to ask questions and get answers direct from the team at Copyblogger and Rainmaker Digital. No question is too small or too basic!

4th Friday of the Month: Behind the Scenes sessions

Once every month, we host a webinar with someone from our community who has had measurable success using content in their online business. They share their story, their advice, and their guidance for others in the community. This is a rare opportunity to see what’s working now for someone in a similar situation to yours.

Our way of building online authority might be different from what you’ve seen elsewhere

Here’s what we believe:

“It really boils down to the demonstration of expertise through delivery of valuable content as opposed to claiming expertise or saying, ‘We’re number one.’

It’s the difference between marketing messages — and content that actually creates the experience of authority. This is an important distinction that can be summed up with the short phrase, ‘Show, don’t tell.’” – Brian Clark

Save 49% (and lock in your low price) when you join Authority this week

With more than 300 hours of available education (and more being added each week), we have known for a while that it was time to raise the price of our Authority program.

And with our upcoming courses about to be released … well, a price raise is overdue.

That’s why next Friday, September 16, 2016, our Authority program will go up in price to $595 per year. That’s still a bargain for the high-quality education and support members receive.

But — lucky for you — this week, you can get the advanced training and support inside Authority for our previous low price of just $399/year. Even better, you will lock in that price for the lifetime of your membership.

Join Authority

Ask your questions below

Questions about the Authority program? Ask away in the comments section: we’ll be happy to answer.

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