Thursday, March 2, 2017

Six Days on the Road

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gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 8

Six days on the road, And I’m gonna make it home tonight.

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 30

This last Joshua Tree trip wasn’t quite 6 days on the road, 4 to be exact, but in actuality a prep for the next 6 months on the road for me. I am so grateful that I get to perform music around the globe with an artist and a band I adore. The Italian artist Zucchero is taking me around the world to places I’ve only dreamed of going. Starting in San Diego on March 15th and headed halfway around the world to Australia and back, 2017 is gonna be one helluva ride. Only fitting that my new favorite local designer, GM Studio LA, is Italian herself and designs clothes that are made in Los Angeles that are totally rock star worthy. While I’m bringing the threads on the road, I only wish I could bring the rad team that helped tame my cherry red mane and made my skin look all dewy and pretty! Thank you Ashley Layton & Marlene Sullivan!

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 16

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 29

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 23

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 14

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 32

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 13

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 18

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage (1)

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 24

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 11

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 12

gm-studio-la-joshua-tree-pappy-and-harriets-rocker-musician-fashion-blogger-overtone-desert-photo-shoot-vintage 31

“There’s a speed zone ahead alright
But I don’t see a cop in sight
Six days on the road
And I’m gonna make it home tonight.”

All clothing GM Studio LA / Vintage Snake Belt LA Hip Threads


Photography by Ashley Marie Myers

And thank your to Tammy Dugen for being my stunning side kick!


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