Sunday, April 9, 2017

Light My Fire

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flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 18

Girl, we couldn’t get much higher.

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 8

My absolute favorite candle line joined us on our last journey to Joshua Tree. An evening filled with vintage vinyl and the most luxurious scents from Flores Lane is what makes up a perfect desert getaway. Each hand-poured soy candle made in the heart of West Hollywood is named after a particular region of LA and NY. Some of my favorites include the beachy florals of Hermosa Beach and the musky undertones of Venice. Anytime I’m at home I can guarantee a Flores Lane jar or two is illuminated. The scents are vibrant but subtle enough to burn two favorites at the same time. I’m waiting patiently for the lovely ladies of Flores Lane to add even more scents to their arsenal…I know they’d come up with the most perfect rendition of French perfumeries or Italian beach sides. 

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la (1)

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 14

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 16

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 13

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 2

The white jars have a slightly more feminine and floral touch while the black jars have a little musk and masculinity to them. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s a Flores Lane scent for it all.

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 6

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 11

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 9

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 1

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 5


flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 1 (1)

flores-lane-joshua-tree-boho-bunnie-decor-retro-vinyl-interior-design-soy-candles-made-in-la 3 (1)

“Come on baby light my fire, Try to set the night on fire.”

Soy candles by Flores Lane | Macrame Wall Hanging Juniper and Fir

Photography by Ashley Marie Myers


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